What is TWI: Training Within Industry

Originally, Training Within Industry was one of the methodological innovations that enabled the Americans to win the Second World War. Forced to find a way to quickly train non-specialists, especially inexperienced women, and young workers, to produce ammunition and equipment by the millions in weapons factories to support the war effort. The method, tested from … Continue reading What is TWI: Training Within Industry

State of DevOps: a look back at the year 2019

Each year the DevOps Research & Assessment, led by Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren recently acquired by Google Cloud, produces a report on the state of the art of DevOps entitled "State of DevOps". This state of the art report is based on more than 31,000 interviews with professionals (all industries, sizes, countries, mainly USA … Continue reading State of DevOps: a look back at the year 2019

Agile and Lean -a true duo

In 2007, when Operae sponsored the 1st "Agile France" conference, developers of that distant era were wondering whether agile was, at bottom, nothing more than lean management applied to the software world. Let's not create suspense: the answer is definitely no and many companies can testify to this. This article aims to explain how the two … Continue reading Agile and Lean -a true duo